What’s happening? 

Edinburgh fencing club is about to move to a new venue – Meadowbank Sports centre. We have been operating out of St Thomas of Acquins for a number of years. Recently the School has been unwilling to allow us to store equipment on site and have offered us only limited opportunities for new hours. Edinburgh Fencing Club needs to grow and to do that we need more space. To facilitate this the committee has secured new hours at the newly rebuilt Meadowbank Sports Centre. From here we will run new hours and we will have a much nicer fencing environment.  

At the time of writing the committee has secured the following days and times; 

  • Tuesday 4pm – 10pm 
  • Wednesday 4pm – 8:30pm 
  • Thursdays 4pm – 10pm 

The committee has managed to secure Hall 3 which is a purpose-built dance studio. It has a modern wooden dance floor. The hall is well lit, climate controlled and roughly the same size as the hall we currently use in St Thomas of Acquins. 

If we have enough demand, we will look for additional time slots, however the sports centre is likely to become busy and if we do not quickly increase our utilisation it is likely that we will miss any opportunity to make the club available on additional days. 

Where is Meadowbank Sports Centre? 

This link will take you to the Google Maps location of Meadowbank Sports Centre.  
Google Maps – Meadowbank Sports Centre Location 

When is it happening? 

Meadowbank Sports Centre is due to open on the 19th of July. The committee is working hard to have the club ready to move on that date however be aware that we may need to delay the move. 

How do I get there? 


The new stadium has parking. This is limited to 97 places on a first come first served basis. Parking is available in the streets around the stadium.  
Please consult Google maps or your preferred satellite navigation system to help plan your journey. 


Meadowbank is well served by Lothian Buses (see image).  

If you are coming from Waverley Railway Station-Princes Street area, we recommend you get the 44 if you can. There is a stop outside the Apple store and also on Waterloo Place. This is the most direct bus service from the centre which avoids traffic issues at the top of Leith Walk. The journey time will be around 10 minutes.  

Otherwise: 4, 5 and 26 offer a very frequent service over the hours we will be open. These buses will take around 15 minutes, depending on traffic, as they go around the top of Leith Walk.  


It is easy to cycle to Meadowbank from the Princes Street area. This is mostly downhill but you may find it a better experience to go up Waterloo Place and down Abbeyhill. There are some cycle lanes which cover the majority of the route. Bike racks are available outside the sports centre. 

This journey will take roughly 10 minutes. 


It will take 20-25 minutes to walk to Meadowbank from Princes Stret, this is mostly downhill.  

Will there be any changes? 


Meadowbank operate gates at the entrance to the complex. Our impression is that Meadowbank are working on improving the door entry process. The current process will look something like this: 

  • You will be issued with a lanyard and pass for the session that your membership covers. On entry you will present this to the staff at the reception desk and they will allow you through the gates.  
  • It is the (responsible adult or) fencer’s responsibility to look after their given lanyard. We may charge for a replacement if you lose it. 
  • Coaches will be issued with a fob that will allow them to let people through the gates. If reception is unmanned or you don’t have a lanyard a coach can let you in. 
  • Those paying a drop-in rate or entering at another time will either be offered a one-time pass or be met by a coach. 


Meadowbank have asked that we look after the floor in the hall. To that end we will have to lay down some rubber pistes to protect the floor from marks. We anticipate that this will mostly affect the epeeists as foil and sabre present much less risk. Members will be asked to help with the setup and tear down of the Club every night. It will be too much for a single coach or fencer to do.  

This may no longer apply as Meadowbank have approached us with a solution to the floor problem. 

What facilities are available? 

Meadowbank is a new modern facility that is purpose built with modern sport in mind. A few highlights of the services that we will have access to: 

  • New Changing rooms 
  • Showers 
  • Equipment Storage (for club equipment) 
  • Lockers 
  • These work like swim lockers. There are long lockers that might be useful for fencing bags. We will discuss using these with Meadowbank management. They are £1 per use (refundable). 
  • Café  
  • Although it is only open until 5pm at present. 
  • The ability to hire additional meeting rooms and halls for meetings and events.  

What should I do if I have any questions? 

Speak to a member of the committee or a coach. You can also email [email protected]. We will get you an answer as soon as we can.