Newsletter #3 – June 2021

AGM – New Constitution – Call for Volunteers


We are happy to announce that based on feedback in the Survey the date & time for the AGM has been confirmed as:
Monday, 21st June at 7PM.
Due to ongoing restrictions, the meeting will be held via Zoom, and all those eligible to vote will receive a joining link at least a week in advance.

It is our intention that everyone who was a member in March 2020 and who is over the age of 16 will be allowed to vote. For anyone under 16, one parent or guardian will be able to vote on their behalf.

An agenda and list of proposed motions can be found here. The floor will be open for speakers for and against all motions.

New Constitution

Flowing from our proposal to incorporate EFC into a charity, and to improve our governance generally, we have drafted a New Constitution for your approval. The new constitution may look large, but is actually relatively simple and we will give a full presentation of how it works at the AGM.

We are also happy to answer questions directed to club inbox in the meantime.

Call for Volunteers

We are delighted that so many of you volunteered your time in our recent Survey. However, the survey was anonymous, so we actually have no way of knowing who volunteered for what.

If those who volunteered in the survey – or any others interested – could email the club inbox we would be eternally grateful.

Looking ahead to next week, we will be publishing last year’s club accounts for your scrutiny and (hopefully) announcing a live online Q&A on the Constituion, Charity Status and the search for a Salle.

Until then, all we wish you all a very happy and sunny week.

Best Wishes,
The EFC Committee